About us

The event, as described above, took place from September 

19th to 23rd, 2022, at the beautiful Krasiczyn Castle. It involved 

the participation of 120 socially or politically active young participants from the entire Three Seas region, 

as well as interested youth from countries outside the region, which contributed to a broader promotion of this initiative. 

 It’s worth emphasizing that participants have already become ambassadors of the missions and ideas discussed at the Forum in their respective communities, which we know from our ongoing contacts with them. These are individuals who greatly shape economic, social, and political life in their countries and regions. The event was bilingual with simultaneous translation in Polish and English. Translators worked on each panel, ensuring full participation for those who wanted to join but might have language barriers. Thanks to media coverage, several reports 

were featured daily on TVP Info, TVP3 Rzeszów, and TVP World.

We also welcome the interest of media outlets including, among others: „DoRzeczy,” „Radio Maryja,” „Telewizja TRWAM,” „Polskie Radio Rzeszów,” and „Kurier Rzeszowski.” All presentations were either live-streamed or retransmitted. Based on media viewership, we estimate that the activities in Krasiczyn reached several million viewers in Poland, Europe, and around the world, thanks to professional coverage. We were also supported by numerous institutions including the Ministry of Education and Science, National Freedom Institute, Polish Power Group, Industrial Development Agency Foundation, BGK Foundation, Starachowice Special Economic Zone, and the County Office in Jasło. Among our partner organizations, we can mention, among others: Kongres590, Volunteer Labor Corps, Jagiellonian Foundation, Catholic Youth Association, Young Borderlands Foundation, 

and many other foundations and associations from all over Poland. As a result, the significance of this event became 

a platform for exchanging ideas and cooperation among numerous youth organizations from both the country and the Three Seas Region. During the Forum, we hosted many distinguished individuals, including Ms. Ewa Leniart, the Voivode of Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Ms. Ewa Draus, Deputy Marshal 

of Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Mr. Radosław Brzózka, Director of the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Education and Science (remotely), and Ms. Ieva Kačinskaitė-Urbonienė, a member of the Lithuanian Parliament. There were numerous panels and speeches, including presentations by Professor Tomasz Grosse, Auxiliary Bishop of the Przemyśl Diocese Stanisław Jamrozek, 

and Professor Michał Michalski. It’s important to note that the conclusion of the event took place in Rzeszów, where one of the guests was Minister Arkady Rzegocki.

The participants of the Forum can be divided into two groups. 

The first group consisted of young leaders from the Three Seas countries (actively engaged young leaders) who were physically present in Krasiczyn. The second group consisted of viewers who followed the broadcasts online on platforms such as YouTube 

and MS Teams, where each day was live-streamed.

Both of these groups can be categorized as socially active leaders, individuals who currently and in the future have significant influence on social, political, and economic realities. The actual target group is therefore very wide and numerous. All speeches and panels are available on our YouTube channel.