Poland’s role in the Three Seas Initiative

As previously mentioned, the Intermarium is a Polish concept that was spread throughout Eastern and Central Europe because of Poland’s cultural influence during the 16th century. Consequently, Poland cannot be denied a leading role in the Three Seas Initiative. The steadily evolving social-political discourse surrounding the Trimarium community has put Poland on a new track, and with a favorable political and economic set-up it can be fully realized. It is an important task for Poland, as it is the largest country in the region and the initiator of the efforts of the Trimarium community, not only to suggest topics and solutions but, most importantly, to keep an eye on the coherence of activities while fully respecting the sovereign decisions of the respective member country in the Three Seas Initiative. Equally crucial is Poland’s promotion of this initiative is widely promoted as a common good for all the nations of the Trimarium. To serve as a kind of gas pedal of change and play an important role within the community, Poland needs to act in accordance with the idea of community building and accept diversity. Furthermore, Poland should actively seek allies for this initiative outside the member countries. Such activities are already being undertaken by Poland, evidenced by the strong interest of the US in this project Poland is expected to exemplify economic transformation and willingness to cooperate across various sectors of society. Poland’s substantial mission includes expanding this initiative, which it is successfully accomplishing by incorporating new countries such as Ukraine. While all countries in the Three Seas Initiative share the responsibility for security and stability, Poland, as the initiator and architect of this concept, is uniquely predestined to take responsibility for the further development of the Three Seas Initiative. Any action by government institutions and most NGOs is an example of this. An important aspect is political support. Therefore, it is imperative not to miss any opportunities to advance the building the Trimarium community

photo: https://www.tvp.info/70924043/czym-jest-trojmorze-jak-powstalo-kultura-trojmorza-reportaz