The Three Seas Initiative as a path to building the region’s political and economicpotential

An important aspect influenced by efforts to implement the Three Seas Initiative is the formation of political, economic, and social capabilities. Collective action can, and does, field results in the form of a strong impetus for development. The synergy of these

actions can serve as the driving force behind political decisions. The combined human capital or economic strength of the Three Seas countries can impact not only their own region but also Western Europe. Their population, universities, and research institutions have the potential to significantly alter the distribution of power in Europe and become a force for equalizing tensions both inside and outside the community. The accumulation

of these capabilities will lead to increased decision-making opportunities and ensure that the negative actions of Imperial Russia or the dangerous trends within the European

Union, such as the construction of a Superstate, will be blocked.

Increased commercial trade, technology exchange, and improved communications and infrastructure will spur, at first glance, weaker countries of the Three Seas to begin

to develop intensively and become richer. Additionally, the security infrastructure will also be significantly improved, countering Russia’s hazardous activities. With their

population, natural resources and economic potential, the Three Seas Countries can become stronger and richer while preserving their sovereignty and identity. This preservation of identity is extremely important for this project to have a chance of success.