The Trimarium as a community of historical traditions and common values

The Three Seas Initiative was born under specific political and social conditions among geographically neighboring nations, and in order for it to exist, it operated under a fellowship of common values and objectives. One cannot ignore the fact that the actions
within the Trimarium and earlier in the Intermarium, were undertaken by the people of the Christian faith (with full respect for the Jewish and Muslim minorities), in particular
Catholics. This is an important fact because faith brought people together, as well as the traditions and values that guided the nations that formed the Intermarium – the later concept of the Three Seas. However, religion and communion of traditions
(significant participation of Slavs and geographical proximity leading to cultural diffusion) are not the only things that matter.
Of course, these attributes enabled increased cooperation, however, its purpose was to ensure development and security. The establishment of a community united with common goals took place. The idea is that only in mutual alliances, where the
preservation of our sovereignty and security, combined with unpleasant historical experiences, can this idea can be put into practice.

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